Communities: Carmel by the Sea

Carmel by the Sea

Carmel is a truly remarkable and unique area. Not only is the weather almost perfect year-round but the town itself has a quaint and quiet spirit. People try to compare this area with something that they’re familiar with but truly, there is nowhere quite like Carmel. The beaches are magical and the ocean water is clean, clear and crisp from the deep water canyons that stretch far into the Pacific ocean. Sure, town can get a little crowded with tourists sometimes and yes, raccoons may strew your garbage about at night and woodpeckers may peck your pine tree until it looks like a waffle, but if that’s all we have to deal with then I’d say we’re doing pretty well!

Carmel by the Sea has a wonderful beach-town vibe with diverse architecture styles. It’s been a haven for artists of all forms since it was founded in 1902. The post office came to town in 1910 yet pre-dating that was the Carmel Mission which was constructed in 1771. Yet the true, first locals were the people of the native Rumsien tribe who are thought to have arrived in this area 6,000 years ago. So when you stand and look over at Point Lobos, envision heaps of Grizzly Bears and the Native Americans fighting for fish!

Carmel by the Sea does not have home mail delivery and no numbered addresses on the homes. The founders of Carmel wanted to attract artist to the town and part of the uniqueness of the village was to not have addresses, mailboxes or mail delivery. Meandering trails through the trees from cottage to cottage was the norm in the beginning. Most homes in Carmel by the Sea have names like “Ocean Breeze” which may be on a wooden plaque hanging on the fence or on the wall. Just remember, if you buy a home in Carmel with an existing name it has always been consider to be bad luck to change it, so make sure you like the name!

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