Communities: Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley

Pear orchards and dairy farms, cattle ranches and horse barns, that is what Carmel Valley once was.

Of course there is still all the above in the Valley, just not as much. These days the grapevines have taken hold along with a number of superb wineries and tasting rooms and obviously more residential homes and a few golf courses. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the old CV feel and heaps of awesome properties! 

 I must say, I love Carmel Valley, it’s a magnificent setting with all sorts of micro-climates. You can basically grow, raise and nurture anything your heart desires in the Valley climate. Carmel Valley Village is just under 20 minutes from Carmel by the Sea and is a sweet little community set between two gorgeous mountain ranges and is settled alongside the meandering Carmel River.

Carmel Valley is a perfect location to stay out of the coastal fog and enjoy the sunnier days of summer. Also, if a vineyard, a farm or a horse property is what your searching for then Carmel Valley is definitely the ticket! 

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