The process of locating the right property to purchase can be exciting, nerve racking and disappointing. It’s exciting to fantasize about your ideal dream home and anticipate when you’ll find it. It’s nerve racking to think about the actual reality of buying something, moving in and wondering if it’s the right one or if it’s a good value. The disappointment may come when you think that you have found “the one” and then you realize that the house needs extensive work, maybe the foundation needs to be replaced or there’s major mold issue.  All of these feeling are natural and will ebb and flow throughout the process, so stay calm and enjoy the thrill of the search.  

Ingenuity, flexibility and awareness are all keys to both the buying and the selling processes. Ultimately we should all know our end goals before we go and buy or sell a piece of real estate. So take some time and make a list of what your goals are and then share them with your partner, spouse and agent.

When the time comes and you’re ready to find a great property, please give me a call.  I’m always available to chat and excited to assist!