Everyday Should Be Extraordinary!


When you start to really engage with the amazing beauty around our area you begin to realize why so many people want to live here. Once you chat with some locals you'll notice a a few common tag lines like, "Living here is like living in paradise!" or "Looks like it's going to be another great day in paradise!" or possibly "I never go anywhere because it feels like I'm always in paradise!". Notice the common denominator between all these comments? Yes, the word "PARADISE"! The funny part is that it's actually true and is probably one of most spoken words in the local dialect.

So, if you're ready to join the thousands of extremely happy locals and be able to say the phrase "I Live in Paradise.", then give me a call and together, we'll find you the perfect property!  



Local Culture


It's not about what you do, it's about how you do it.

From hiking along the Big Sur Coast to strolling Cannery Row, it's the lifestyle that we enjoy. Sometimes it's beach days with family and friends Carmel Beach or Asilomar Beach. Just hanging out and surfing, building sand castles, eating, drinking and being merry! Other days it's wine tasting in Carmel Valley and enjoying a starry, warm night having dinner by a fire with live music. Or maybe it's a black fundraiser in Pebble Beach for a wonderful cause with all the amazing locals who help support our community's efforts! No matter what the day brings it's inspiring, spirited and most of the time, pure fun!




My Favorite places to hang with Joe

Awesome coffeeshops with a cool vibe makes it almost difficult to choose just a few. Pretty much any place around these parts are worth checking out!


Where's the sand, where's the rocks

There are so many amazing coastal beaches and parks from Big Sur to Santa Cruz. Depending on what you want to do depends on where you go. Fishing, go here, surfing, go there, sand dunes, over there, beach walk, definitely here.  It all depends on the flavor of the day!


Buying Right

They say it's in the buy

Sometimes you get lucky and you buy a property and the market shoots up and you instantly have lots of equity. Other times you buy and the market sits level or dips. No one can tell the future but the good thing about real estate is that historically, over time, it always goes up.

Remodel Projects

A home that needs a little TLC

I LOVE remodeling homes! The design, the planning the ordering, the coordination, everything about it spells disaster but for some reason I simply love the process and transformation of taking something old and dilapidated to spectacular!